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Le Black Knight Conqueror Squash Challenge is Back !!!

July 26, 2019
A great Tournament for a Great Cause !!!Sunday, September 22, 2019 - The 2019 Le Black Knight Conqueror Squash Challenge, a fund…

Le Black Knight Conqueror Squash Challenge is on!

September 29, 2018
The 2018 Le Black Knight Conqueror Squash Challenge, a fund raiser and charity tournament benefiting the Segal Cancer Center of…

Conqueror Project – TDWSA Women’s Squash Camp & Playcation

April 2, 2018
Congratulations to everyone participated at the first Squash Camp & Playcation at the Unionville Athletic Club this weekend.…

Conqueror Project - The Fight to Conquer Cancer

My name is Kathleen and in March 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My way of dealing with adversity is to fight the problem head on. In this case I chose to support breast cancer research through a fund-raising initiative to donate funds to on-going breast cancer research.
The project is called the “Conqueror Project” as that is the hope – that with the funds raised, we can help to conquer breast cancer. The treatments and medication I take were both the result of many years of research and happily I am the beneficiary of all the research that has occurred. It is my hope that through the “Conqueror Project” enough funds will be raised to aid the researchers in their quest for the answers to the big questions leading to a cure for this epidemic disease and challenge… Cancer.

Caring & Donations Save Lives

The Conqueror Project is committed to finish the fight against cancer, and we can't do it without your help.
Find out the many ways to get involved …. your help & donations help save lives.

2nd Annual Conqueror Project Squash Tournament 2016

The first tournament of the Black Knight Grand Prix Circuit for 2016-2017 season took place at Club Sportif CDL from September 29 to October 2, 2016. A total of 56 players participated in this fund raising tournament in support of Breast Cancer Research at the Segal Cancer Centre of the Jewish General Hospital and the Cedar Cancer Institute, anchored by the Conqueror Project.

The Patron for this event, Kathy Lamb, founded the Conqueror Project in 2014 and has continued to work hard in the fund raising effort to “Squash” Cancer.

This annual event held in the month of October, which is the breast cancer awareness month and Kathy Lamb has continued to demonstrate courage and positive attitude as she works tirelessly in the fight against cancer.

Latest News & Inspirations

Doctors and Researchers That Make a Difference !

Dr. Mark Basik of the “Société canadienne du cancer – Division du Québec” shares his thoughts on helping people everyday with the fight to conquer cancer.
Dr. Basik is one of the leading edge researchers in the study of breast cancers. His areas of focus are translational research which refers to the use of laboratory research data in a clinical setting. in other words, translating the research into a means of use in patients.

Genomics refers to the study of the DNA and RNA of cancer cells that dictate the mutation of certain cellular constructs. Dr. Basik works collaboratively with other researchers around the world in these fields.

The conqueror project is now being received in other countries as a means of raising funds for research into breast cancer. There are many more breast cancer survivors today than in the past but there seems to be an acceleration in the incidence of breast cancer.

"Genomics” means studying the DNA and RNA of the tumours, meaning the genetic code of the tumours to see how the information that turns a normal cell into a cancer cell is codified cancer cells have evolved into abnormal cells with their own genetic code.

Unraveling it will help us understand how to kill them." Dr. Mark Basik

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Conqueror Project Wall of Honour

The Conqueror Project would like to thank all the supporter of our efforts.