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Supporting Breast Cancer Research

The “Conqueror Project” donates  funds raised directly to breast cancer research labs. 

powerMy journey through the darkness after being told I had breast cancer I chose to support breast cancer research through a fund-raising initiative to donate funds to on-going breast cancer research. It has been very comforting and rewarding because of the response to the “Conqueror Project”. It is my hope that I have touched you in some small way to have your support.
Through the “Conqueror Project” the hope is that with the funds raised, we can help to conquer breast cancer. The treatments and medication I take were both the result of many years of research and happily I am the beneficiary of all the research that has occurred. It is my hope that through the “Conqueror Project” enough funds will be raised to aid the researchers in their quest for the answers to the big questions leading to a cure for this epidemic disease.

The “Conqueror Project” raises funds through various events and promotions, and donates money directly without any administrative fees.Donation of $10.00 per racquet and $5.00 per athletic T-shirt sold by Black Knight Canada will be made to help breast cancer research.

Thank You !!!

Thanks to all those who have made a donation and have given of their time and resources, as well as all those who have purchased Conqueror products. I am well on my way to achieving my goal of raising $100,000.00 in Canada.

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