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8 Things Every Breast Cancer Patient Should Know

8 Things Every Breast Cancer Patient Should Know

April 12, 2016 @ 1:26 pm
by admin
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8 Things Every Breast Cancer Patient Should Know  (read full article here >>>)

“You can make an appointment to see us in six months.”

Those words, from my oncologist’s PA last week, were the sweetest words I have heard in a very long time. For while I still have a three weeks to go with my daily radiation treatment, I seem to be done for a while with at least one doctor– the oncologist. And that one little boost- that little bit of progress, made a huge difference. There will be a time, I can see now, in the not so distant future, when major part of my life will not be going to doctor’s appointments.

This light at the end of the tunnel has allowed me to have a bit of perspective. If my friend came to me today, instead of two weeks ago, and asked me if I had any advice for her newly diagnosed friend, I think I would have had a better answer than the two words I was able to come up with: “Medical marijuana.” That’s a good answer, but maybe not quite so complete.

I am writing this for you, friend of a friend, though I don’t know your name.

Here are 8 things I think you should know about being a breast cancer patient, that you won’t necessarily hear from your doctors.

  1. Be prepared for a very long haul, and be prepared to learn patience. When I was first diagnosed, I thought I would have surgery at the end of October. I was sure I’d be gliding accross the cross -country ski trails by December. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am, it would be over, boob gone, life goes on. What I didn’t know then was that I would have chemo, then radiation. It is now Spring, I am not even done with treatments yet, and I was certainly not expecting to still feel shitty. When asked, my radiologist said that I should not expect to feel like myself for 6 months to a year AFTER radiation. My oncologist refined that a bit, and said I’d be 85% back within a month or two after radiation…it’s just the last 15% that takes a while. In any case, it’s a long haul. A very, very long haul.

(read full article here >>>)

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