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Gallery – 1st Annual Conqueror Project 2015

1st Annual Conqueror Project Tournament 2015


***** Amazing organization, what bang for your buck! Can’t wait for the next organized tournament!  —  JM Maurice
***** I wanted to thank you again and congratulate you for the great tournament over the weekend.  — Rudy
******It as an amazing weekend and I was so happy to be part of it and getting to know Vanessa and Kathy. Have a nice evening,   — Andrea
*****  Great job ! — Susana Stroll
****** Fantastic event!!!! Loved every minute of it!!!! Great job to the organisation team, and all of the fantastic volunteers 🙂 Can’t wait for next year!!! — Corinne Balaila
****** Je vous transmets mes félicitations pour l’organisation, pour votre professionnalisme et pour votre implication dans le cadre de ce tournoi. Ce fut un plaisir d’y participer.  — Dominic Martineau

A heartfelt thank you from Kathy Lamb the  Conqueror Project  for all those that participated and work hard to make this event Fun to watch and fun to play and… And all for a good cause !!!